Yatra Checklist & More

Yatra Checklist

Below are the vital points to which every Yatra Applicant must adhere to:
Mandatory Accommodation: All the devotees coming for the Yatra
HAVE to book accommodation with the Yatra committee otherwise their Registration shall be auto cancelled.

Make Sure Your Yatra Profile is Up-to-date: Please make sure that your personal information is up-to-date in the database by 12th April 2016, in particular, your:
Photograph (mandatory for security reasons) |Email address if any.
Mobile number if any (to receive Yatra updates) | Age and gender

For updating this information please approach your counselor / Yatra Sevak.

Registration for Brahmacharis: All brahmacharis should also compulsorily register through their respective centers / Counselors / Yatra Sevaks.

Non-Transferable Registration: Registration shall be strictly non-transferable, i.e. once registered you cannot interchange it with anyone else except with prior approval of the Yatra Committee.

Yatra News & Updates:As far as possible, group communication regarding the Yatra will be through email and SMS during the Yatra. You are entitled for this facility on registering for the Yatra and providing correct contact information.

We are here to Help :Those who are not well versed with computers can approach their Counselor/ Yatra Sevaks to register them for the Yatra.

Also, for those devotees who are not net savvy, a counter will be available at the Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Mandir where a volunteer will register and book accommodation on the devotee’s behalf (using the respective devotee’s Login Id and Password). Only cash will be accepted at this counter.

Registration with late fee payment of Rs. 500/- will start from 22nd May and will be allowed till 25th August, subject to availability of accommodation.
Substitution will be allowed till 25th September.

Those registering late have two options for accommodation:
Option 1: If accommodation is available, they can form a new group and select a room. A late fee of Rs 500 extra will be charged by the Yatra Committee


Option 2: He / She can substitute a devotee who has registered and paid for his / her accommodation but is unable to come for the Yatra. A fee of Rs 500 from the devotee who is coming and a fee of Rs 300 from the devotee who is
cancelling will be charged by the Yatra committee.

In case any devotee who has paid for the registration and accommodation cannot come for the Yatra, he or she has to find a substitute.

Once paid the registration / accommodation cost will not be refunded.

The onus of finding a substitute lies with the devotee who is cancelling. But Yatra committee can provide help.

However wait listed devotees will get full refund excluding the bank transaction charges.


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