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Our lifestyle, our example, our character and compassion is what will really change the world, not just our words.”-By H.H.Radhanath Swami

The minimum qualification for applying for the Yatra is as follows:

[ut_service_column color=”#222222″ headline=”4 Regulations” width=”half” effect=”fadeInUp” last=”false”]Chants 16 Rounds of Hare Krishna Maha Mantra daily. Follows the 4 regulative principles including restraint from tea/coffee from Registration date.[/ut_service_column][ut_service_column color=”#222222″ headline=”Devotee Association” width=”half” effect=”fadeInUp” last=”true”]Should be attending the weekly ISKCON satsang programs on a regular basis for at least one year.[/ut_service_column]

[ut_service_column color=”#222222″ headline=”Dress Code” width=”half” effect=”fadeInUp” last=”false”] Should follow the prescribed dress code.
For Men :Dhoti-kurta
For Women: Saree.[/ut_service_column][ut_service_column color=”#222222″ headline=”Recommendations” width=”half” effect=”fadeInUp” last=”true”] Prior recommendation from Respective
Counselor / Yatra Sevak is required for Yatra Registration.[/ut_service_column]


The Yatra sevak is an individual who can propose the eligible devotees for attending the Yatra. Following Constitute for Yatra Sevak:

  1. The Counselor body (including Mentors) of ISKCON Chowpatty and ISKCON Pune (YS-1)
  2. Authorized devotees from other centers (India and abroad) (YS-2)
  3. Yatra Committee members (YS-3)

Download the list of Yatra Sevak’s from Here [ut_button color=”theme-btn” target=”_blank” size=”small” shape=”round” title=”YATRA SEVAK” ]YATRA SEVAK[/ut_button]

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